About us

Photo: hands holding flowers.

Cruse is a registered charity and has branches throughout the United Kingdom, providing free and confidential support to individuals and families, helping them to come to terms with the loss of someone important in their lives and to understand their grief.

The Cumbria area supports bereaved people from the Scottish Border right down to Barrow-in-Furness. We have many trained and experienced volunteers across the county who can see people individually and help them talk about the death of someone close.

Cruse has no connection with any church or faith and the service is free and confidential.

How Cruse benefits the community

In Cumbria we can provide one-to-one support and sometimes family support.

In providing help, support and information we can enable many to come to terms with their changed circumstances. It may be that they are able to go back to work or perhaps reduce their dependence on health services. The help that we are able to give provides positive benefits to the wellbeing of many in our community. Our early intervention, for some, can avert more serious consequences.

Locally we can provide talks and training to interested agencies and societies and we have a range of useful publications available.

We recognize that sometimes, we might not be best placed to help someone, but our training, experience and resources ensure that we can refer people, if they wish, to more appropriate support. Our national website, for example, is able to provide information on a range of issues, including help for young people.

Training we offer

All our Bereavement Volunteers are professionally trained.

We are committed to ongoing support and personal development for all our volunteers and they are supported in their work by regular supervision.