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If you decide to speak with a Cruse Bereavement Volunteer, you will have the chance to talk about your bereavement and the experiences and feelings that concern you. The volunteer will give you the time to talk and will listen to you in total confidence. Just to be listened to, for many, can be a real help.

Everyone’s reaction to the death of someone close is unique and personal. Our trained and experienced volunteers can help you to better understand your feelings and provide support and reassurance through a very difficult time.


We currently offer Telephone and some Zoom support. We are currently unable to offer in-person support. l

There are useful resources in our list of publications, including booklets available to download for free from the Cruse UK website: https://www.cruse.org.uk/about...

Please do keep in touch with us through our Facebook page and our monthly newsletter.

If you feel that you need to speak to somebody more urgently, the Cruse UK National Helpline is free to call: 0808 808 1677. See cruse.org.uk/get-help for more details.

This booklet produced by Every Life Matters includes helpful information and resources: Wellbeing and Mental Health During Covid-19

Weekly One-to-One Sessions

In Person (currently not available):

Meetings will usually take place once a week for about an hour. You may decide that one meeting is enough or that you would like to see the volunteer on several occasions. These will take place in a local meeting room or at your home.

Due to the spread of the Cumbria Area and availability of volunteers in each area the waiting times do differ in each area. If you are able to travel to be seen please do let us know.

By Phone (currently our main service):

Sessions can also be offered for an hour a week by phone. This can be a more convenient way for those unable to travel or those living in areas with long waiting lists. We may suggest that initially one meeting is conducted in person before moving on to telephone support.


We are able to provide support for children and young people who have experienced the loss of someone close to them. Sometimes adolescents and young adults contact us directly for support, but most often, children and young people are referred to us by their school or by a parent or guardian.

We have a limited number of volunteers able to support children. Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements with you.

Cruse has a national website for young people, by young people, called Hope Again.