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We send leaflets and information about bereavement to all potential new clients. Sometimes information is all that people need. Other people will decide that they would like to talk to one of our trained volunteers.

Online resources

You can find leaflets and booklets from Cruse Bereavement Care to download from the Cruse UK national website:

Titles include:

Understanding bereavement

Bereaved by suicide

After the death of someone very close

Supporting bereaved children

When your parent dies

There are numerous other resources on their website including links to other organizations.

Every Life Matters - based in Cumbria, have produced a helpful booklet: Wellbeing and Mental Health During Covid-19 

Their website: Every Life Matters

Suicide Bereavement Support: - based in Cumbria: Website for Suicide Bereavement Support

Help Is At Hand Booklet - for those bereaved by suicide

Leaflets about the local service available:

  • Cruse Bereavement Care Cumbria
  • What support Can Cruse Provide?
  • Impact of Bereavement

These are sent to all potential new clients. 

Useful videos